airframe-canvas is a library for managing large off-heap memory (called Canvas) of more than 2G (2^31) size, which is the limit of JVM byte arrays.

With airframe-canvas:

  • You can save the CPU cost of zero-filing when initializing arrays.
  • Off-heap memory canvases are managed outside JVM heap memory, so you can allocate a larger memory region than the value specified with -Xmx JVM option.
  • You can quickly release allocated memory with Canvas.release.
  • Even if you forget to release canvases, the allocated memory can be released upon GC.

airframe-canvas is a successor of xerial/larray.


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libraryDependencies += "org.wvlet.airframe" %% "airframe-canvas" % "(version)"

Canvas object has various factory methods for creating canvas objects from scratch, or based on existing byte arrays (e.g., Array[Byte], ByteBuffer, etc.)

import wvlet.airframe.canvas.Canvas

val c = Canvas.newOffHeapCanvas(512)
c.writeInt(0, 10)
val i = c.readInt(0) // 10

// Release the buffer